Primary Curriculum

  • Primary Curriculum

    Opening September 2016

    Key Stage 1 ( Years 1 and 2)

    In these classes, our curriculum provides the framework around which teachers use their professional expertise to meet the needs of each child. We are well aware that children at this age will not achieve the same levels of understanding at exactly the same time.

    Key Stage 2 ( Years 3 – 6)

    The curriculum in this Key Stage is designed to prepare children for Entrance Examinations into secondary schools, locally and internationally at a pace and level appropriate to meet their needs.

    Though it is important for the children to do well in these examinations, it is our objective that they do not get the impression that examinations are the sole or even intended purpose of education.

    Far more importantly, the curriculum aims to develop youngsters who are well educated, well informed and cultured, who have minds of their own and a strong sense of moral purpose with an interest in learning for its own sake.

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