From The Heads of School

  • From The Heads of School

  • I love to teach!

    Getting a child to move from “point zero to point one” gives me such incredible joy. I am constantly thinking about “what to teach”, “how to teach” and “when to teach”.
    This is the core of my responsibility at RiverOaks School.

    Our Curriculum has been carefully designed to ensure that our children are taught how to think. Character development is also very important to us and this comes through in all aspects of our curriculum.

    We aim to ensure that upon graduation, our children would have developed into well educated, well informed and well cultured individuals having a mind of their own as well as a strong sense of moral purpose.

    RiverOaks is not just another school. It is set up to raise standards, build character, impart learning as well as be the preferred school of choice for pupils, parents and teachers.

    We invite you to share in our vision and in the words of Gandhi…..”Be the change you want to see”.

    Mrs. Victoria Folayan
    Head of School (Curriculum)



    So said a certain 3 year old boy while on inspection of our facility with his parents during their initial enquiry at RiverOaks School.
    This child’s pleasant exclamation is exactly what RiverOaks School is set up to achieve!

    In every way and all through the time a child, his family and his teachers will spend in our School, we are committed to providing a thrilling learning environment that will ensure a lifelong eagerness and readiness to learning.

    We believe that learning should occur in the most enjoyable, comfortable and relaxing environment. Our Vision is to stay true to best practices and expose children to world class experiences as they learn quality curriculum concepts and life skills that will set them high and apart as they grow.

    We welcome you ever so warmly as you join us on this amazing journey of ‘Character and Learning’!

    Dr Bukola Akingbade
    Head of School (Administration)

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