Admission Procedure

  • Admissions Policy

    The main points of entry at RiverOaks School are Nursery, Reception and Year Three. Other places are offered on an occasional basis when vacancies arise.

    Places are only offered on the basis that a pupil will flourish at RiverOaks School and that when the time comes, he or she will succeed at Entrance Examinations into secondary schools. 

    The school does not admit children with severe special needs.

    Age/Class Placements

    Nursery – Children MUST have reached the age of 3 on or before 31st August in the entry year.

    Reception           Age of 4

    Year 1                Age of 5

    Year 2                Age of 6

    Year 3                Age of 7

    Year 4                Age of 8

    Year 5                   Age of 9

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